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Principal's Message

Welcome to Warrenton Grade School.  Thank you for trusting us to partner with you in the education of your student(s).  As I step into the role of Principal I am honored to continue serving the Warrenton-Hammond community.  Our school is filled with incredibly talented students who love learning. Our staff members consistently focus on helping our students grow into responsible, respectful community members who have the skills and desire to be lifelong learners.  We are committed to providing highly effective instruction that leads to strong student learning and growth. We continue to innovate our instructional programs to include a STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), using Project-Based Learning to develop inquiry, and to encourage a general sense of Well-Being.  We strive to develop powerful learning partnerships with students so that teachers can facilitate deep learning experiences that are supported by integrated technology.

I believe that we, as educators and parents, have the awesome responsibility of working together as a community to create an inclusive environment that ensures every student is prepared for success.  Your support is an integral component of our success in delivering a quality learning environment whether it is by volunteering in the classroom, supporting field trips, participating in PATHS (Parents and Teachers Helping Students), or preparing your student each morning with a growth mindset for learning.  You are your child’s first teacher and we count it a privilege to partner with you in this effort.

I look forward to working with you in shaping the futures of our kids!