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Title IA

Title I at Warrenton Grade School

The Title I program is a grant distributed to schools with high percentages of students in poverty to help ensure all students meet state academic standards

Warrenton Grade School is designated a Schoolwide Title I School. This means that federal Title I funds are used to improve instructional programs for all students.  


Title I includes the following components:

  • Providing rigorous, effective instruction in all content by highly qualified teachers and staff;
  • Offering high-quality, ongoing professional learning opportunities for staff;
  • Creating strategies to increase parental involvement as well as including parent feedback and input into all policies and improvement plans;
  • Implementing district systems to ensure that students who experience difficulty attaining proficiency receive effective, timely, additional assistance; and
  • Ensuring that plans are reviewed on an ongoing basis and revised when necessary.


Family Rights Under Title IA

  • Right to request teacher qualifications
  • Request opportunities to meet with staff for parent involvement
  • Participate in decisions affecting your child
  • Review the school’s Title I program and make suggestions
  • Participate in school activities
For additional information, contact Tom Rogozinski, Superintendent at [email protected]